For every signup with one of HOOD’s energy partners, we donate $50 to Mission Australia on your behalf to help vulnerable families find a new tenancy.


of our population lives below the poverty line ACOSS, Poverty in Australia, 2020


Australians got help from homelessness services in 2018 -19 ACOSS, Poverty in Australia, 2020

People under 35 y/o

are the largest homeless age group in Victoria ACOSS, Poverty in Australia, 2020

How Mission Australia Helps

Moving vulnerable Australians towards independence by providing support for…

Homelessness &
social housing

Mental health,
alcohol & drug support

Employment, skills
& training

Children, youth,
families & communities

Disability inclusion
& support

Financial & legal

Research, impact,
policy & advocacy

Share The Excitement of Moving!

Whether it’s moving into your forever home, moving for a new job, getting a change of scenery in a new suburb or moving in with your new bestie, it’s a monumental occasion worth sharing.

At HOOD we want to share this occasion and your excitement as best as we can by doing good for vulnerable families and individuals to help them settle into a rental home of their own. Your move can mean more than just lifting boxes YOU can help Australians move towards independence.

Make a lasting difference in someone’s life

How’s The Good Going?

HOOD’s donation to Mission Australia are already going to good use!

Yindi’s story

Yindi* and her two-year-old son had finally found an apartment to move into, but work was scarce during the COVID19 lockdowns.

Yindi wasn’t able to afford a moving service, and restrictions meant that she would have to organise the whole move all on her own.

With a little help from HOOD, Mission Auastralia was able to pay for Yindi to hire a moving truck and a couple helpers to get her and her son settled in their new home.

Meghan’s story

Stuck in an abusive relationship, with her partner in total control of her finances, Meghan* felt completely trapped.

When she reached out to Mission Australia, they were able to help her move into a safe new accommodation of her own, and furnish the apartment with essentials like a bed, a couch and somewhere to eat.

Now that she’s been able to regain some control over her life, Meghan says she’s excited about her future.

*Names have been changed to protect identities

Tips and tricks for moving

Read our blog on everything from saving money to how HOOD offers contactless moves.

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